Tax investigations can be intimidating yet in many cases these can be avoided.

To help protect yourself it`s advisable to seek expert tax advice at an early stage. We have dealt with clients who have experienced differing levels of tax investigations, ranging from Income Tax and VAT, through to PAYE investigations. Regardless of the Government body that instigates the investigation, early intervention from M Seitler & Co can reduce, or even eliminate the threat of a full tax investigation.

Many tax investigations begin life as general enquiries from a relevant government body . Unless such enquiries are dealt with promptly and accurately, it`s possible that the next step will be a full investigation. As your accountants we want to avoid this stress for you at all costs.

In some cases, it is impossible to avoid an investigation, as HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) do perform general visits which require certain records and evidence to back up any figures you have provided. These are not full tax investigations, yet should be treated with caution, with a view to eliminating the risk of a full investigation occurring. In this type of situation, it is advisable to contact us immediately, and we can provide help and support, and confirm which records to supply to HMRC as evidence.

We have considerable expertise in dealing with HM Revenue & Customs in tax enquiries and investigations. It is vital that control is taken at the earliest stage in a tax investigation. We will track each stage of the investigation and as your accountant will be available to address your concerns and issues.

From the moment that you engage our accountancy firm to represent you in an enquiry case, we will work hard to relieve you of the worry and stress such an investigation can cause
For help and further advice on any aspect of enquiries or tax investigations into any business activity, please contact us

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