Tax Advice

Client: Bakery
Location: M3

We were approached by the Local-based bakery who were looking for an accountants who could help them better understand their finances. M Seitler & Co offered the client a free consultation, after which, it was recommended that the way in which the director’s salary was paid needed to be reformed. This resulted in the business saving over £1000 annually in national insurance contributions.

Saving in N.I. contribution: £1000

Tax Advice

Client: Hair Salon
Location: South Lancashire

After looking for an accountant to help their business grow, this successful local salon sat down with M Seitler & Co, who gave them independent advice. The salon had high annual tax and VAT bills of over £10,000. Following our consultation, the proprietors successfully restructured the business, which In turn meant their tax bill was reduced to just £2,593 saving them nearly £7,000 per year.

A Tax Saving of over 74%!

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